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Where are the ELWs held?

Unlocking Your Life seminars ELWs are held throughout various locations in Australia. You will be informed as to the exact time, date and address upon enrolment.

Do I have to live in Australia to attend an ELW or power-talk?

Future workshops are planned for other cities inside and outside Australia. Should you wish, Unlocking Your Life Seminars can assist you in finding affordable accommodation and travel arrangements.

Power-talks are available on request throughout Australia and New Zealand.

How long are the seminars?

The power-talks How To De-Stress & Be Productive, and How To Break The Failure-Cycle And Start Achieving, are approximately 45 minutes in duration. The Empowered Living Workshop is run over two sessions, one week apart, of approximately 3 1/2 hours duration each.

What are the fees to attend an Unlocking Your Life seminar?

All consultations to discuss the benefits of power-talks and workshops for your business or personal life-goals are FREE. The fee for all power-talks is $700 + GST (maximum 100 people). The Empowered Living Workshop is priced at $395 AUD + GST per client (corporate and group discounts available upon request).

What are the benefits of attending the Unlocking Your Life seminars?

First of all, let us answer that question with some questions of our own for you to think about. Do you want less stress in your life? Do you want to be more productive and have greater abundance? Do you want to successfully achieve your goals? Do you want more meaning and fulfillment in every moment? If you can answer yes to any of those questions, then Unlocking Your Life Seminars can benefit you.

Am I able to cancel my enrolment for an ELW or power-talk at any time?

Not quite. You must give us at least 72 hours notice of cancellation prior to the commencement of the workshop or power-talk. If this requirement is met, a 10% administration fee is deducted from the total rebate. A 50% cancellation fee applies to any cancellation following a change of seminar date (see below).

Am I able to enroll in a later ELW if I can't make it?

Of course. Providing seats are available and you have paid the workshop fees in full, you can change the date of the ELW you wish to attend as many times as you like. Please note, however, that once a workshop date has been changed, a future 50% cancellation fee will automatically apply should you choose to cancel completely.

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