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"I found the seminar on both a professional and personal level extremely valuable. It was extremely well received by the staff and based on the staff's comments the contents will be very useful in managing their stress levels to enable a more productive outcome for our operations.  I came out of the session feeling focused and inspired... The content was excellent and well presented and provided useful and relevant tools to use on an ongoing basis." Deanne Bear, National Administration Manager, Globalize.

"This... is a big tick for corporate responsibility." Belinda Morrissey, Sydney.

"A valuable talk, thank you. I gained an awareness of how to deal with stress... and how to control my reactions when I feel stressed." Sophie. Add Value Pty Ltd.

"This talk has given me clarity and insight into my personality, motivation and ways of dealing with stress." Helen Icic. Executive Producer. Roadman Pictures

"Everything that was said was very true and all explanations given about stress was exactly what I feel... To "let go" is the hardest thing to learn." Luiza Duszynski. C-Max.

"It really made me think about stress in a way I haven't before. I now understand that I control how I react to stress that is placed on me." Tara Roneberg. Globalize.

"The talk helped me to Identify the causes of stress and how to minimise my reactions to it." Toby Hunt. The Repatriation Hospital, Respiratory Research Unit.

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