End Your Frustration

End Your Frustration: Repeatedly, Predictably, Quickly

Hi, DoctorZed here, founder of 818: Unlocking Your Life.

I’m hearing a lot of frustration from my clients lately:

      • “Why am I not getting anywhere?”
      • “Why can’t I get ahead?”
      • “Why is this person so successful… when I am always struggling?”

I speak with clients all the time who are trying to improve their finances, health, relationships, career, or improve their time management, and they basically ALL share the same frustrations.

Now, frustration can occur for many different reasons, BUT:

Frustration often arises from unmet expectations.

For example, if someone told you that new promotional opportunities or job offers will flood your inbox when you upskilled and got your training certificate…

So you expect your shiny, newly framed certificate to do the legwork for you?

But do you see how this expectation is unlikely to be met… which makes you pull out your hair and yell at the sky.

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I speak with clients over and over who aren’t getting the results they expected and often come to our sessions in this state of confused frustration.

To which I say something along the lines of:

      • “Upskilling is great, but it’s not the whole answer…” Or,
      • “Having positive intentions is great, but it’s not the whole answer.” Or,
      • “Wanting to change for the better is great, but it’s the whole answer.”

So, if you REALLY want the life you envisioned when you were younger and hoped to have achieved by now, at some point you are going to need a system or formula to help you do that. A formula that:

✅ Has a proven track record (which you can trust will work for your unique situation).

✅ Delivers the results you want repeatably and predictably and quickly.

✅ Doesn’t require lots of time or money or effort to implement.

✅ Fits smoothly and effectively into your day-to-day routine.

Now, I’ve been helping clients do that since 2008. If you’re interested in what that might look like for you, click the link below so I can present my DIAMOND TRIANGLE system to you and help you achieve the goals that matter most to you and your family.

Let’s do this.

End Your Frustration. Take the First Step to Create the Life You Want Today!


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