Success is a choice

Success is a Choice: Make it Your Intention

Hi, I’m DoctorZed, founder of 818: Unlocking Your Life

I’m hearing a lot of my clients saying the ‘SH’ word lately. Yes, a lot of ‘I shoulds!’

❌ “I should be better at my job.”
❌ “I should be a better husband/wife/partner/parent.”
❌ “I should be doing more with my life at my age.”

When I hear this, I tell them that this probably isn’t the best way to help their situation.

✅ Wanting to be better at their job is great.
✅ Wanting to be a better parent or partner is great too.
✅ So is wanting to make the most out of life.

But more often than not, the “I shoulds” spin a sticky web that keeps them trapped in a place they don’t want to be. This is usually a place of

      • FRUSTRATION, and

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The problem is, when you’re discouraged, frustrated, and feeling stuck, you’re unlikely to be motivated to take action—and without action there’s no improvement. There’s no getting better. There’s no change.

So I tell them, instead of saying “I should” and thinking “What should I be doing?”, a better way is to say “I WILL” and to think “What is my intention?”

This is how you escape the web of “I shoulds”, by CHOOSING to be intentional—“I WILL!”

🔑 “I choose to be better at my job, and I will!”
🔑 “I choose to be a better partner/parent, and I will!”
🔑 “I choose to do more with my life, and I will!”

So if you want to feel more ENCOURAGED and ENTHUSIASTIC in your job and relationships, if you want to start MOVING FORWARD with your life, start choosing it.

Start by saying “I WILL!”

Now, I’ve been helping people since 2008 do exactly that. I’ve helped them get the clarity, direction, and confidence to live the life they always wanted.

I’d like to invite you now to connect with me so I can help you become more intentional in your choices and start reaping the benefits of your success.

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