SMART Accelerator Program

Unlock Your Happiness & Wellbeing


Imagine Yourself Stress-Free & Happy…

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed and over-stressed?
Are negative thoughts and emotions stopping you from living the life you want?
Do you feel unhappy, exhausted, and unable to cope at work or at home?


Don’t worry, everybody has moments of overwhelm and unhappiness!

The SMART Accelerator Program is designed to help you

  • understand why you experience stress
  • what you can do to break the cycle of stress
  • how to develop positive habits to rejuvenate your happiness and wellbeing

When you understand and control your stress, you can learn to feel happier, more confident, and more empowered.


“I would like to encourage anybody that would like to get [this SMART program] for their business… we’ve had such a great benefit with our staff.” James Troup, General Manager, Kodo Technologies

“I found the program… extremely valuable. It was extremely well received by the staff and… will be very useful in managing our operations. I came out of the session feeling focused and inspired. The [program] provided useful and relevant tools to use on an ongoing basis.” ~ Deanne Bear. National Administration Manager, Globalize

Here’s What You Will LEARN in the SMART Accelerator Program

Why people feel stress and how to overcome it

> Different types of stress and how to identify them

> The ABCD formula to break the cycle of long-term stress and increase your long-term happiness

> Your 3 natural fears and how to overcome them

> The Life Leadership approach to sustained wellbeing and abundant living

> The Happiness Formula (H = S + C + V) that will empower you to handle stressful situations

> Stress Cure Vs Stress Prevention

Here’s What You Will Be Able to DO AFTER the SMART Acellerator Program

> Diagnose and understand the causes of stress so you can negate and prevent stress at its origin

> Deal with high-pressure situations and be more effective and productive in every moment

> Get beyond the mind fog and think with clarity in moments of overwhelm and high anxiety

> Feel more confident and assured in almost every situation you face

> PLUS develop long-term habits of happiness, fulfillment, and wellbeing


About 818: Unlocking Your Life

At 818: Unlocking Your Life, we help proactive people thrive the SMART way. We give you the keys to a happy, healthy and wealthy mindset so you can free your time and live the life you always wanted. 818: Unlocking Your Life gives regular workshops, seminars, presentations, and courses to serve those who want to make a positive difference through positive action.

Live the life you want, the way you want, how you want!
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