9 Steps To Living The Life You Want

SMART Leadership 9-Step Program

By Dr. Scott Zarcinas, Founder 818: Unlocking Your Life

It’s said that we live in a VUCA world.

And who could doubt that the post-COVID world we now live in makes us feel vulnerable, uncertain, and overwhelmed with high complexity and ambiguity?

So we look to leaders who can make the world less vulnerable, more certain, less complex, and less ambiguous.

But those same leaders often let us down and disappoint us. Political leaders. Spiritual leaders. Business leaders. Community leaders. Leaders who fail to live to the standards of leadership their position demands.

And why are they failing? Why do they fail as leaders of others?

Because, for the most part, the leaders we look up to haven’t yet learned to lead themselves.

But how can you lead others if you haven’t yet learned self-leadership? How can you show others the way forward if you can’t even lead yourself forward?

You can’t. They can’t. Nobody can.

The only way to be an effective leader of others is to be an effective leader of yourself.

Now, more than ever, it’s up to you to become the leader you want to see in the world. It’s up to you to become a Life Leader.

When you succeed in Life Leadership, you succeed as a human being. You succeed in being you.

And because success begins with you, when you get you right, you can achieve everything you want to achieve and more…


The Life You Want. The Way You Want. How You Want


The difference between leaders and non-leaders, however, is not talent or luck, but mindset.

Mindset will set you apart from the rest. It will lay the bridge to where you are now and where you want to be. It will give you the freedom and control of the destiny you seek.

The SMART Leadership 9-Step Program (below) is your roadmap to Life Leadership, a journey through the levels to your ultimate success and prosperity.

The SMART Leadership Program is a structured program supported by scientific research for getting your life on track and keeping on track.

Each level is defined in colours of diamonds, from the novice level of orange diamond through brown, yellow, blue, red to black diamond, the level of SMART Leadership mastery.

This ‘novice to mastery’ model will be the framework for your SMART Leadership journey and is the foundation and focus of the SMART Leadership coaching and mentoring program. Like the frame of a house, you build your life around it, brick by brick. Over time, you will have a built your dream home in which you create the life you want.

This model will be referenced throughout the program along with simple strategies to help you ascend the levels to at least the level of black diamond mastery. Each level represents the competent attainment of one of the 9 Life Practices.

For instance, at brown diamond level your attention and focus will be on your Life Purpose. At red diamond level it will be on Alignment and the development of your Inner Power.

Each practice is designed to help you attain one or more of the 4 major Life Skills:

Who, Why, What, How.

It is designed for you to focus on what you see yourself doing, and what you see yourself being—and then living into that vision of who you want to be and what you want to do.

At black diamond level, you have reached mastery of 6 Life Practices. You’ve become who you want to be, you’re doing what you want to do, you’ve found your niche, you’re living your life purpose, and you’ve mastered how you do it.

The SMART Leadership 9-Step Program


A Glimpse of What Your Future Will Look Like


When you have attained black diamond mastery, your life will look like this:

  1. The Joy of Life: you will feel the permanent sense of happiness and enthusiasm that comes from the rejuvenation of your Inner Power.
  2. Complete Confidence: you will feel the profound conviction and inner confidence that comes from realigning with your Life Purpose.
  3. Immeasurable Value: you will feel the sense of total self-acceptance, respect and worth that comes from reconnecting with your Individual Persona.
  4. Peace of Mind: you will feel the deep calmness and inner harmony that comes from the attainment of higher levels of awareness and perspective.
  5. Freedom: you will feel the unlimited freedom of being you and doing what you always wanted that comes from the implementation of the Life Leaders mindset.

You will have progressed from where you are now, to where you want to be—a transcendence from your current ‘you’ to your ideal ‘you’.

The SMART Leadership Wheel below illustrates how the whole SMART Leadership process works.

It is a continual work in progress. You are a continual work in progress. Improvement never stops. The SMART Leadership wheel is always turning, always in motion.

The SMART Leadership Wheel


Your Life, Your Choice


We all want to prosper, but one of the biggest fears we face is that the change we need to make is so big it’s overwhelming and unobtainable. Furthermore, will our partner stand for it? Will we lose everything we’ve worked hard for over the years?

I understand these concerns, but even though change can be hard and frightening, my philosophy is for small changes of mindset that reap huge benefits to your life and relationships at home and at work.

The SMART Leadership journey isn’t about giving up everything and becoming a new person at all, just a better version of yourself.

As Bruce Lee said:

There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there; you must go beyond them.

It’s your life, your choice, and it’s time for you to go beyond yourself and succeed and prosper.

If the stars are your destination, the SMART Leadership 9-Step Program is going to show you how to build your stairway to them. Having the dream is one thing, but without knowing how to put into place the necessary steps to reach them, then the chances are they’ll always remain out of reach.

The SMART Leadership coaching and mentoring program, then, is for you if:

  1. You want real success and prosperity.
  2. You desire to go to the next level and achieve something you’ve never achieved before.
  3. You seek to become what you always wanted to become.

However, this program is not about waving a magic wand and expecting all your dreams to come true. This program is not going to:

  1. Maintain the status quo—you will need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because rising through the levels of SMART Leadership means shedding old habits and developing new ones. Which can feel awkward and unpleasant at first, but that’s where true growth and prosperity is to be achieved.
  2. Make you a millionaire and set you up financially for life—you may well do so on your Leadership journey, but the success and prosperity you will achieve is more permanent and lifelong because it will come from your inner world, which is constant and always with you no matter what happens in the outside world.
  3. Make all your problems go away and never come back—rather, it will give you all the tools you need to overcome and resolve the problems you currently face, as well as the unforeseen challenges that will most certainly arise as you journey through the levels of SMART Leadership.

This program will teach you how to rejuvenate your personal and professional life by realigning with your purpose, passion and values so that you can find your niche and create the life you always wanted.

As the Chinese proverb says,

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Your journey to success and prosperity begins when you open the door to your own power.




At 818: Unlocking Your Life, we help proactive people thrive the SMART way. We give you the keys to a happy, healthy and wealthy mindset so you can free your time and live the life you always wanted. 818: Unlocking Your Life gives regular workshops, seminars, presentations, and courses to serve those who want to make a positive difference through positive action.

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