Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Feeling Overwhelmed? You Might Have ‘Bright Shiny Object’ Syndrome

Hi, DoctorZed here, founder of 818: Unlocking Your Life.

Constant distraction by ‘Bright Shiny Objects’ (BSO) is exhausting. You don’t have the energy or the time for what really matters… you.

So how do you know if you have BSO Syndrome?

-> You’ve checked your Facebook or Instagram feed first thing in the morning before you’ve even made breakfast or gone to the bathroom. -> Then you’ve opened up your email just to make sure you haven’t received an important email from your boss or family, just to get swamped by all the things you need to reply to and get done.

-> All of a sudden, you realise that it’s midday and you have a raging headache. There’s just too much to do and no time to do it.

This can go on for weeks, months, even years. And do you feel any better for it? Or are you just tired of being swamped by all the needs of others?

Technology was supposed to make our lives easier, but for many people it’s just made our lives more frustrating and overwhelming. 

The truth is, you can control the demands that keep flooding into your life. (Thank goodness!)

As the handyman knows, if you have a great tool, but you use it in the wrong way, it actually works against you, not for you!

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So what’s the ‘wrong way’? And how do you know what the ‘right way’ is?

When you understand that you are in control of what you pay attention to, you begin to use the greatest tool and the best asset you have in the right way—your MIND.So it’s not about what’s happening outside you that’s the problem, it’s the mental strategies inside your mind that’s the key.

✅ No more overwhelm.

✅ No more exhaustion.

✅ No more chasing bright shiny objects, hoping that one of them will save the day.

Just more time and more energy for the things you really care about.Here’s the key:

The secret to living the life you WANT is in the system.

There’s only a few key steps BUT if you do one of them wrong — you will automatically attract the things you don’t want, no matter what you do, and you won’t know why it’s happening.

So click the link below, let me know a bit about your situation so I can see if my “SMART” system is going to help you eliminate your bright shiny object syndrome, simplify your life, and start getting you more of what you want each and every day.

Let’s do this.

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