Thinking Of Starting A Family

Thinking of Starting a Family? Guys, Here’s How to Prepare Your Parenting Mindset!

By Dr. Scott Zarcinas, Founder 818: Unlocking Your Life

Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts of life. But sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Sometimes it feels as if parenting is a chore, or worse, a punishment.

Especially if you don’t feel ready.

You might feel as though you still want to play sport with your club and team mates. You might still want to go out and party with your friends. You might still want to work long and hard during the week.

They say parenting is the only thing you can’t be trained for. You can only learn it on the job!

So I’d just like to share a recent post on how to prepare a parenting mindset that I wrote for Kiddipedia, “Thinking of Starting a Family? Guys, Here’s How to Prepare Your Parenting Mindset!” so you can give your kids the best start to life.



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