3 Steps to Get Motivated

3 Steps to Get Motivated, Feel Inspired, and Take Action this Year

Do you wish you could do more of the things you really want to do?

Do you feel a bit stale and looking to start afresh?

Is something holding you back and keeping you stuck in the same old routine?

If you want to make this year a breakthrough year, there are 3 things you need to know:

#1: How to free up more time so you can do the things you really want to do

Money isn’t your most important asset… time is!

You can always bank more money, but you can’t bank more time.

So learning how to prioritise what’s important and essential over and above the things that are unimportant and non-essential is vital for you to free up your time.

There’s a saying that “Eagles don’t catch flies.”

That basically means eagles don’t waste their time on unimportant matters. They only concern themselves with the bigger, more important things that they need and value. The rest can just buzz off.

Q: How much time do you waste catching flies?

#2: What Zone of Motivation is right for you so you get started quickly

Like eggs, coffee, and steak, everybody has their own personal taste.

Likewise, we are all motivated in our own individual and personal way.

Some get motivated through the anticipation of a reward for their efforts. If there’s no reward at the end of the day’s work, they simply won’t do the work. These are the ‘pleasure seekers’ and the carrot approach works best for them.

Some get motivated through the need to avoid penalties and repercussions. If there’s no deadline to meet or punishment for failing to do the work, they simply let the work slide. These are the ‘pain avoiders’ and the stick approach works best for them.

Others need to feel safe and secure before they proceed. Everything has to be in the right place at the right time or they simply won’t begin. These are the ‘perfectionists’ and being in control works best for them.

Yet others are so easily distracted they spend hours doing nothing or something completely unproductive. These are the ‘daydreamers’ and finding purpose in what they do is what works best for them.

Still others are so overwhelmed by what needs to be done, they freeze, unable to do anything. These are the ‘hesitaters’ and planning pathways around anticipated difficulties and challenges is what works best for them.

Q: What motivational technique works best for you?

#3: How to stop getting side-tracked so you keep moving forward

We all start the new year with good intentions. We hit the gym. We avoid fast food. We de-tox.

But something happens and we fall back into old habits. We get side-tracked. We stop going to the gym. We start visiting fast-food restaurants again. We begin drinking a bit more. We stop moving forward.

In fact, there is a common day of the year where NYE resolutions are abandoned. It’s called “Fall Off the Wagon Day“, and it usually falls in the second week of February, in or about 40 days┬áinto the new year.

Sound familiar?

There are 3 scientific reasons why you get side-tracked and fail to achieve the goals and resolutions you set yourself:

  1. Your natural instincts to avoid painful situations and seek safety and security.
  2. Your emotional reactions to people, places, and events.
  3. Your beliefs about yourself and the world.

Your instincts, emotions, and beliefs are a double-edged sword: they can either work for you, or they can work against you.

For most people, their instincts, emotions, and beliefs work against them.

They instinctively avoid taking risks, which are necessary to take a new direction and improve themselves. They react emotionally instead of responding with deliberate intent. They believe they don’t deserve success or they don’t have the skills or cleverness to be successful.

Unless you control your instincts, emotions, and beliefs, you will inevitably become side-tracked and “fall off the wagon”.

Q: Do your instincts, emotions, and beliefs work for you or against you?

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