VUCA world

Adapt, Innovate, and Succeed in a VUCA World: Navigate Uncertainty with Confidence and Resilience

By Dr. Scott Zarcinas, Founder 818: Unlocking Your Life

It’s said that we live in a VUCA world.

And who could doubt that the post-COVID world we live in is more volatileuncertain, complex, and ambiguous?

We feel more overwhelmed than ever. So we look to leaders who can make the world less volatile, more certain, less complex, and less ambiguous.

What we want is a different kind of VUCA, one that is more aligned with:

V: Vision
U: Understanding
C: Clarity
A: Adaptability

But those same leaders often let us down and disappoint us. Political leaders. Spiritual leaders. Business leaders. Community leaders.

Leaders who fail to live to the standards of leadership their position demands.

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And why are they failing? Why do they fail as leaders of others?

Because, for the most part,

The leaders we look up to haven’t yet learned to lead themselves.

But how can you lead others if you haven’t yet learned self-leadership? How can you show others the way forward if you can’t even lead yourself forward?

You can’t. They can’t. Nobody can.

The only way to be an effective leader of others is to be an effective leader of yourself.

Now, more than ever, it’s up to you to become the leader you want to see in the world. It’s up to you to become a Life Leader.

When you succeed in Life Leadership, you succeed as a human being. You succeed in being you.

And because success begins with you, when you get you right, you can achieve everything you want to achieve and more…

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