The bicycle analogy for direction and drive

Positive Self-Leadership: The Bicycle Analogy for Direction & Drive

Hi Dr. Scott Zarcinas (aka DoctorZed) here, Founder of 818: Unlocking Your Life.

As a Positive Self-Leadership coach, I’ve discovered that there are two main reasons why most people fail to achieve personal success and happiness:

  1. Lack of clear vision and direction (i.e. they don’t know where they’re going or who they want to be); and
  2. Lack of sustained motivation (i.e. they don’t value the reason or purpose of why they do what they do).

Without a clear vision, people often find themselves drifting aimlessly, unable to pinpoint what they truly want to achieve or how to get there.

This lack of direction often leads to frustration and a sense of overwhelm by the myriad of choices and challenges that life presents to them.

Along with this, the absence of sustained motivation means that even when goals are set, the drive to accomplish them wanes over time, leading to procrastination and stagnation.

The result is a cycle where efforts become disjointed, progress is slow or nonexistent, and personal aspirations remain unfulfilled.

But, because we are all on a journey of personal success and happiness, reaching our desired destination requires the intentional combination of drive and direction.

Here is a simple formula that encapsulates this idea:


Utilising the analogy of a bicycle, we can visualise and understand the essential elements required for a balanced and focused approach to personal growth.

Direction and Drive Equals the Destination

Your Journey Through Life on Your Metaphorical Bicycle

In the journey of personal success and happiness, combining drive with direction means you have the best chance of reaching your desired destination.

Consider riding a bicycle whereby:

1. Your Personal Vision as the Handlebars:

Just like steering a bicycle with its handlebars, a clear vision guides your journey through life.

It determines the direction you take and helps you to avoid distractions along the way, ensuring you stay on course toward your personal aspirations.

2. Your Personal Mission as the Front Wheel:

Your personal mission sets your course and keeps you moving forward.

By aligning with your vision (the handlebars) it ensures that every action you take supports your overarching goals and values.

3. Your Life Purpose as the Bicycle Frame:

Your life purpose provides the structural frame upon which you can assemble your life.

It gives your life stability and resilience, holding all your many and varied components together in balance, as well as giving meaning to your actions.

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4. Your Values as the Seat:

Your values represent the seat of the bicycle, offering essential support and comfort along your ride.

They ensure that your journey to success and prosperity is meaningful and satisfying, and ultimately fulfilling.

5. Your Goals as the Chain:

Your personal and professional goals act as the bicycle chain, ensuring that all your efforts are translated into forward motion.

Your ‘goal chain’ is the power link. It connects your vision and mission with tangible outcomes, enabling every step to contribute to your progress.

6: Your Habits and Attitude as the Pedals:

Consistent habits and a positive attitude are the pedals that drive you forward.

They ensure continuous effort and perseverance, converting the potential energy of your mind (thoughts, vision, ideas, images) into actual movement toward your dreams.

7. Relationships as the Back Wheel:

Healthy relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and your community provide the necessary momentum to keep you moving.

They support and motivate you through highs and lows, propelling your growth and accomplishments.

What You Can Do: Get On Your Bike!

By integrating these seven elements—vision, mission, purpose, values, goals, habits/attitude, and relationships—you can achieve a balanced, focused ride toward personal success and happiness.

This structured approach will not only ensure your steady progress, but will enhance your overall well-being, inner peace, and fulfillment.

Ultimately, if you put all these things together, you will reach your destination:

A life of sustained happiness and personal achievement.

One of the 5 guiding principles of Positive Self-Leadership is S: Self-Management. Taking the responsibility for getting clarity on who you are and where you want to go is one of the best ways to utilise this principle and move toward a healthier, more prosperous, and happier future.

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Your journey towards a brighter future starts now. Let’s do this.

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