When Things Get Overwhelming

When Things Get Overwhelming There Are 3 Things You Need to Do

Do you feel that sometimes life can get a bit overwhelming?

The cost of living. Caring for children, loved ones, and other dependents. Finding a job or seeking a new career direction. Looking for love or ending a relationship.

The stresses of life can add up and sometimes become too much. Our physical health suffers. Our emotional health suffers. Our mental health suffers.

You can feel as if you are running around and around in circles and not getting anywhere.

Technology was supposed to make life easier, but it hasn’t really fulfilled its promise. Even though there are a great many benefits of our technological advancements—connection to friends and family, online banking and shopping, remote working and the gig economy—there are some downsides too.

For instance, addiction to screen time, continual distraction from the task at hand, being always available to be contacted 24/7, the feeling that you are always ‘on’ and have no downtime.

Recent research revealed that 80% of smartphone owners check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up each morning.

Research by IDC also showed that 79% of smartphone owners have their phones with them for 22 hours of the day.

The external demands of modern technology can make us feel overwhelmed. And when we feel overwhelmed, we feel anxious and stressed. We don’t do the things we need to do to. We procrastinate.

In the 70s, 1 in 20 people were chronic procrastinators (aka ‘procs’). Today, 1 in 5 people are chronic procrastinators, and a lot of that is due to the rise in technology, especially smartphones and handheld devices.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you find you procrastinate more than you like, if you find that you aren’t achieving the things you really want to achieve, there is something you can do about it.

#1: Stop Resisting

First, you must accept that we live in a brave new world in which technology is here to stay.

No matter how much you may yearn for the days when mobile phones didn’t intrude into your life, the world has moved on since the 70s and it isn’t going back.

Acceptance of what is, not resistance to what is, is the first step to resolving your procrastination issues.

#2: Control Distractions

Second, you need to upskill and learn how to manage your screen time. You have to learn to be indistractable.

If you are a constant email checker, set aside some time in the morning and the afternoon/evening to check your emails and leave the rest of the day free to do your other tasks. Urgent emails are rare. If someone really needs to get hold of you urgently, they’ll call you.

This also includes setting aside time for social media, online shopping, and other online distractions.

#3: Find Out What’s Holding You Back

Third, you need to know what are the common things that cause you to procrastinate. You need to know your BreakThrough Mindset. Are you a Habitual Hesitator, Day Dreamer, Impulsive Investor, or a Sensitive Soul? (If you haven’t already taken the quiz, discover the 1 thing holding you back here).

So you need to know the mental, emotional, and physical barriers that stop you in your tracks. You need to know the neuro-science behind why you procrastinate and stop doing the things you need to do to achieve the success you want.

You also need to know HOW to navigate your way around these barriers and get back on track toward living the life you want to live.

Which is why you’re invited to participate in any of our FREE Training Programs (available all throughout the year).

Now is the perfect time to find out how to get clarity, find direction, and build confidence to the live life you always wanted.

Now is the time to beat procrastination and unlock your life.

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