Session 3: Refocus & Reignite

The next step in breaking through your barriers is to refocus and reignite.


How did you go with identifying any patterns of ineffective thinking? Did your BreakThrough Journal reveal anything surprising?

The previous training sessions have now laid the foundation for you to build your own 4-step BreakThrough SolutionTM, which will be your personally tailored solution to being more effective and excelling at what you do.

Just to recap what you’ve achieved so far:

  1. The BreakThrough Persona Quiz revealed the ‘Who in You’.
  2. The Lotto Test helped you identify what you really ‘Want’.
  3. The BreakThrough Journal has revealed ‘What’ your main excuses, avoidance behaviours, and distractions are, as well as the ‘Where & When’ these tend to occur.
These steps are vital before you can set up your 4-step BreakThrough SolutionTM, so if you haven’t already completed the previous sessions, click or tap here to go back to review and complete Session 1 or Session 2.

If you’ve already completed Sessions 1 and 2, you’re now ready to create your tailored, 4-step BreakThrough SolutionTM, which will be the focus of the next 4 Excellerater Training Sessions.

Your BreakThrough Brain

Your brain is naturally wired against uncertainty. This evolutionary adaption means you naturally avoid taking unnecessary risks and avoid dangerous situations, which enhances the chances of your survival and the survival of your species.

There are 3 levels of your brain (aka The Triune Model of the brain):

    1. Forebrain: your higher, rational centre (neocortex);
    2. Midbrain: your emotional centre (limbic system);
    3. Hindbrain: your survival centre (cerebellar or ‘reptilian’ brain).

All 3 levels of your brain work to build as much certainty as possible for your current situation.

Which is why the supermarket shelves are emptied of toilet rolls during a crisis. It’s a form of control in a time of uncertainty, an attempt to make things more certain.

It’s also why motivational levels sag. Faced with uncertainty, the forebrain becomes overwhelmed with thoughts of ‘what if?’, the midbrain emotions go into overdrive, and the hindbrain survival instinct starts to dominate our thoughts and behaviours.

Unfortunately, in times of crisis and when emotions run high, the forebrain is subjugated by the lower levels of the brain. Decisions are made not on rational logic but on emotion and instincts.

In these moments, mountains are made out of molehills. We act in ways that we normally wouldn’t, sometimes in ways we are later ashamed of.

This is because our thought processes are hijacked and we are not our normal selves—the mob is in charge, not the leader.

What’s required in these situations is to regain control of your thoughts, emotions and instincts.

But how do we do that?

Your BreakThrough Strategies

You need to allow your higher brain centres to override the lower brain centres.

The leader needs to take charge and set the rules, not the mob.

Knowing how the brain works on its 3 evolutionary levels, we can now formulate science-based strategies to keep motivated and stay in control during times of uncertainty, self-doubt and insecurity.

Because feelings of uncertainty and insecurity are such common issues, we will address 4 strategies to develop your personally tailored BreakThrough SolutionTM so you can take the necessary action to do what you want to do and be who you want to be:

      • Reignition Strategy #1: Sensible Safety
      • Rejuvenation Strategy #2: Change the Context
      • Revitalization Strategy #3: Focussed Certainty
      • Reinvention Strategy #4: Renew & Be You

Even more so today, you have the power to face your challenges and determine your experience of them.

“Because if knowledge is power, then self-knowledge is inner power.”

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