Session 6: Refocus and Reinvent

The next step in breaking through your barriers is to refocus and reinvent.

Congratulations on completing Phase 3 of your personally tailored BreakThrough SolutionTM, which means this is the last step to breaking through your barriers and being more effective. (Click or tap here if you haven’t completed Phase 1, 2 or 3 of your BreakThrough SolutionTM.)

As we discussed in the previous session, our forebrain is often overwhelmed with negative thoughts and beliefs, especially during times of crisis. As such, our forebrain interprets uncertainty and insecurity as a negativity that it must resist.

But what we resist persists. When we resist the negative energy of uncertainty, it doesn’t go away—it just gets worse—and our energy gets sapped and we get demotivated to take positive action.

In Phase 3, your task was to identify any situations in which you could “focus on certainty” to calm any negative thoughts or emotions.

When you “focus on what is certain in your life” and engage your higher reasoning centres, you revitalize your brain and get motivated to take positive action.

But “focussed certainty” is only one part of the solution. How you adapt to changing circumstances also determines how successful you are at breaking through your barriers.

Therefore, to be more effective, you also need to refocus and reinvent yourself.

The Law of Change states that nothing is permanent; everything is in a state of flux. This means you too.

To try and stay the same throughout your life—same thoughts, same beliefs, same likes, same body, same relationships—is to oppose this fundamental law of life, to your own detriment.

It is far better to accept change than resist it, and reinvent yourself anew to become the person you are capable of becoming.

Because when you cease resisting change, you will refresh your mind and renew your enthusiasm, essential ingredients for breaking through your barriers.

Now you’re ready to complete your tailored, 4-step BreakThrough SolutionTM and live the life you want, the way you want, how you want.

Your BreakThrough Response-Ability

Your Triune Brain is a two-edged sword—it can either work for you, or it can work against you. It can be your best friend, or it can be your worst enemy.

Like electricity, which must be trained and controlled, how your brain is employed for your benefit or used against you is your choice. That’s your power. That’s your responsibility.

When you are able to control your thoughts, you are able to control your emotions. When you are able to control your emotions, you are able to control your reactions.

And when you are able to control your reactions, you are able to respond with appropriate action—you are response-able.

This includes responding appropriately to change, because only when you are response-able can you intentionally benefit the way you want to live and who you want to be.

If you identify with any of the BreakThrough Persona types (Habitual Hesitator, Day Dreamer, Impulsive Investor, Sensitive Soul), you will resonate with how a lack of certainty and the fear of change can make you feel vulnerable and limit your ability to respond appropriately and effect positive change in your life.

Revitalizer Strategy #4: Renew & Be You is therefore designed to overcome any resistance to change that is preventing you from maximizing your potential and limiting your effectiveness.

Complete your personally tailored BreakThrough SolutionTM in Session 6: Reinvention Strategy.

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