Session 6: Reinvention Strategy #4

Phase 4 of Your Personally Tailored BreakThrough SolutionTM

When your Triune Brain faces change, it naturally resists what’s happening in an attempt to keep the status quo.

Although change is normal and natural, the brain doesn’t see it that way—change means uncertainty, and the brain wants certainty, so change is bad.

But resistance to change is detrimental to our wellbeing because resistance increases anxiety and stress, not reduce it.

This is why, in the battle between the rock and the river, the river always wins. The rock, in its resistance, eventually gets eroded down by the water.

So, as Bruce Lee advises, “Be like water, my friend.”

Therefore, the final thing you need to do to complete your BreakThrough SolutionTM is to develop a strategy to embrace change and reinvent yourself anew.

Reinvention Strategy #4: Renew & Be You

To stop resisting change and be more like running water—fresh, adaptable, always moving forward—a good practice is to focus on what you can control and change in your life.

And the easiest things to change are the things inside you, not outside, especially the things that aren’t working for you and limiting your effectiveness. Things like habits, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, skills, and knowledge.

For some, change is easier to adapt to than others. For many, though, it is a time of frustration, anger, anxiety, and stress.

However, if you want to be effective and more successful, change must be embraced. You need to let go of the old ways that aren’t working and embrace new ways that will. This includes new thoughts, new beliefs, and new behaviours.

You need to become response-able. If you don’t, you will remain where you are, unable to move forward.

But is it really possible to change old habits? Is it really possible to learn new skills? Can an old dog really learn new tricks?

There are many strategies to help change old habits and negative ways of thinking, but I want to show you the one called The Wheel of Change Belief Changing Tool.

This is an extremely powerful tool to help change old habits and negative thinking, but it only works if you are consistent with it and committed to change, and it works this way:

So, take any habit or thought you want to change or improve, and ask yourself these questions:

    1. Why is this belief 100% true?
    2. When has this belief not been true?
    3. What effect does this belief have?
    4. Who will you be in 5-7 years with this belief still in place?
    5. Where will this belief take you in 5-7 years if it isn’t changed?
    6. How would your life change without that limiting belief?
    7. Now is the time to change.

If you consistently ask yourself these questions and commit to changing your thoughts and behaviours for the better, The Wheel of Change Belief Changing Tool will be extremely effective for you.

Even old dogs can learn new tricks!

Next is a real-life example of how The Wheel of Change can help you deal with the uncertainty of any change.

The Wheel of Change Belief Changing Tool

Reinvention Strategy #4 In Action

There was a time when my professional speaking career had plateaued and wasn’t progressing as I had hoped it would.

I wanted to be a national and international motivational speaker, but at the time I was only giving speaking engagements in my home city.

I was struggling to find an audience nationally, let alone internationally.

I was aware of the saying, “Your business grows when you grow.”

I also knew that the stagnation of my motivational speaking business was a reflection of my own personal stagnation.

Something had to change, and that something was me. Or more to the point, a self-limiting belief.

That self-limiting belief was self-doubt. I doubted whether my talks, my books, my workshops were good enough to help people to break through their barriers and become the person they were capable of becoming.

So I knew I had to walk my talk and do The Wheel of Change and change my self-doubt into confidence.

This is how it went:

Self-Limiting Belief: I’m not good enough to help others.

  1. Why is this belief 100% true? Because I don’t seem to be able to help anyone lately.
  2. When has this belief not been true? Okay, well, I have had some pretty good feedback lately. In fact, some of it is pretty amazing.
  3. What effect does this belief have? Well, it means I hesitate in booking venues interstate in other cities and organise the events I want to present.
  4. Who will you be in 5-7 years with this belief still in place? Probably not doing national or international presentations.
  5. Where will this belief take you in 5-7 years if it isn’t changed? Nowhere. I’ll still be here.
  6. How would your life change without that limiting belief? It will mean I will help people not just here, but nationally and around the world.
  7. Now is the time to change. I will do it now and book venues in Sydney and Melbourne!

As it turned out, I actually did book venues in Sydney and Melbourne and set a date for 8 weeks’ time. I achieved my goal of becoming a national speaker! Now I just have to work on my international tours.

As with this example, implementing Reinvention Strategy #4: Renew & Be You will also help you to control your self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs by changing them to more positive, action-orientated beliefs and giving you the confidence to take positive action and live the life you want, the way you want, how you want.

As Henry Ford said…

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Reinvention Strategy #4: Task
What change can you enact today to become response-able?
What do you need to do to achieve this?
How will you do this?
Who will help you?
When and Where will you do this?
Why is this necessary?

Your Personal BreakThrough SolutionTM: A Final Word

Congratulations on completing The BreakThrough SolutionTM Online Excellerater Training.
Your personal BreakThrough SolutionTM is your tailored solution to breaking through your barriers and being more effective.
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