Session 4: Time-Management MindSET

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In this session, we are going to focus on time-management. If you agreed with 5 or more statements from the Time-Management MindSET Type on the My Work From Home Quiz, then this session will help you to strengthen your Time-Management MindSET.


First, let’s define good time-management:

Your mind and your time are your most valuable assets. Time is more valuable than money. Why? Because, where you can always bank more money, you cannot bank more time.

Yet, the passage of time is beyond our control; irrespective of anything you do, time keeps flowing. What you can control, however, is how you manage yourself in the time that you have.

Good time-management, therefore, is about good self-management.

Time management is somewhat a misnomer as time passes without regard to what we do; the only thing we can manage is ourselves.”

Your time is a finite and diminishing asset, which makes it extraordinarily valuable.

So you shouldn’t spend time to save money; rather spend money to save time.

But how often has time ‘slipped away’? How often have you ‘wasted your time’? Or worse, ‘killed time’?

Whereas most people see the benefits of having a household or business budget, many do not implement the same care or accountability with their time.

They budget their income and expenditure, but they don’t budget their time.

Effective people, however, utilise their time. They are good time managers.

They don’t waste time or kill time. Instead, they find ways to create more time for themselves and devote to the things they want to do and achieve.

Likewise, if your intent is to increase your effectiveness and create the future you want, good time-management is essential.

One of the best strategies for personal time-management will be the focus of this session.

That strategy is what I call “Itemise the Day”, and what Earl Nightingale termed ‘The $25,000 idea’.

We will now discuss time-management in relation to your 7 Life Segments and how you can use them to plan for the future you want.


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