Session 5: Work-Management MindSET

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In this session, we are going to focus on work-management and how to keep things SIMPLE. If you agreed with 5 or more statements from the Work-Management MindSET Type on the My Work From Home Quiz, then this session will help you to strengthen your Work-Management MindSET.


First, let’s define good work-management:

Work management effectively means getting things done, which includes managing:

      • individuals (e.g. you and your family)
      • workflow (e.g. systems)
      • workload (e.g. to-do-lists)

You can think of work-management as individualised project-management. Whereas project-management revolves around teamwork, work-management revolves around the individual—you.

You can apply the principles of work-management to any organisation or business structure, but for our purposes we will be considering work-management in the context of your situation as a work-at-home parent.

It has been said that we over-estimate what we can achieve in a day, and underestimate what we can achieve in a lifetime.

But what stops you achieving? What prevents you from fulfilling your true potential? What limits your success?

For most, it’s how you think.

When it comes to being effective in our work and home, we can sometimes be our own worst enemy.

We are often the cause of our own failure—we hold onto self-limiting beliefs, and we engage in self-limiting behaviour, which limits and minimises our work-management.

The focus of your thoughts determines how you feel, which determines your perception and experience of what’s happening.

If you think negative thoughts, your perception and feelings will be negative, which determines your overall experience of your current situation.

Therefore, if your experience is negative and not what you want, the best way to change how you feel is to refine how you think.

Effective people, however, understand that thoughts are first cause.

They take responsibility for how they think and are self-inspired. They lead themselves towards the goals they want to achieve and motivate themselves to take the necessary action to get there.

To be a good work-manager, you therefore need to take control of your mind and how you think. Failure to do so will inevitably lead to negative thoughts, reactive emotions, and self-limiting behaviours—which results in failure to be an effective work-manager.

One of the best strategies for work-management will be the focus of this session.

That strategy is what I call “Keep it SIMPLE”.

We will now discuss this principle in relation to your 7 Life Segments and how you can use it to keep on top of things and create the future you want.


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