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type 3 impulsive investorIt’s not physically possible to do everything. Work will never end.

So, as an Impulsive Investor, you need a tailored BreakThrough SolutionTM to help refine your values so that you can identify what’s important and prioritise what’s essential.

This plan will help you to stop reacting unconsciously to everything that happens and to become more effective.

Refining your values is how you prioritise what’s important.

You can then start responding with definiteness of purpose instead of reacting on instinct, giving you the impetus to move in the direction that’s right for you.



Your next step is to identify the 1 Thing that is the biggest barrier to your effectiveness—which, as an Impulsive Investor, is most likely overwork and overwhelm.

There are many types of overwhelm (e.g. work, family, relationships), but think of overwhelm as your personal red flag.

With this in mind, your best course of action is to keep a record (e.g. a BreakThrough Journal) of how many times this red flag comes to your attention in the next 24 hours, which is usually disguised as:

  • excuses
  • avoidance behaviour
  • lack of energy
  • regularly failing to complete tasks

Your task now is to click or tap the link below to download the BreakThrough Journal and start recording immediately:

Download the BreakThrough Journal >>


Please note: you will be emailed further instructions over the course of the next week on the further steps required to develop your personally tailored BreakThrough SolutionTM.


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